Whizzbang Face and Body Painting

Temporary Tattoos -

Advice and Disclaimer



The temporary tattoo inks used are water based, acid free, hypo-allergenic cosmetic grade pigment inks.  They are water resistant to enable the design

to stay on the skin for more than a day (if gently patted dry after bathing or swimming), but can easily be removed sooner if required by rubbing gently with soap and rinsing with water.  Designs are created using stencils.

Alternatively Colorini Ink may be used for freehand designs.  It may stay on the skin for several days before fading, but can be removed if necessary.




Glitter tattoos are applied using professional make up glue and cosmetic grade glitter.  The designs usually last for 2-7 days but can be easily

removed earlier by rubbing gently with baby oil or moisturiser before washing. Designs can be created either using stencils or freehand.  

They will only be provided for children aged 3 years and over, no exceptions.




Temporary Tattoos are not suitable for the face, and will not be applied on any areas that are considered inappropriate.

Tattoos should not be applied on anyone who is allergic to sticking plaster or latex, nor will they be applied to anyone with sensitive, sore or broken skin,

i.e. sunburn, skin conditions, cuts, etc.

mela1 glitter tatt 005 blue hummingbird glitter tattoo