Whizzbang Face and Body Painting

What are you planning?


Whizzbang Face Painting & Body Art


Planning a birthday party; or a large company  fun day?  Perhaps you're arranging a fair  or fun day  for a school  or club, or even an extra attraction at a sports tournament?  

No problem – face painting and/or temporary tattoos will keep everyone entertained and it's great fun for ALL ages!


Street/music/beer Festivals, store openings, promotional events - the possibilities are endless ...


Girls - are you having a hen party, or a night out clubbing?  Maybe inspired by TOWIE, Zoo Project or wanting a Festival look?  Be noticed with a special eye design and loads of glitter, or a glitter tattoo that will sparkle for days.

If you are organising your wedding or christening celebrations, you may be more relaxed if you know that your younger guests will be occupied for a little while.  In fact, some of your adult guests may also enjoy the experience!


Pregnant and proud?  'Baby bump' painting is a fun but relaxing way to have some mother and baby time before the happy event.  Gestational or 'Bump' painting is carried out in the comfort of your own home so that you can sit back and be pampered.   A full session will usually last between 1 and 2 hours.  Maybe just have special time for yourself, or incorporate the painting into your baby shower party.  You will be amazed how the sensation of soft sponges and brushes on your skin can have such a soothing effect on your baby, and how relaxed you will feel!  Why not use photos of your 'bump art' to announce your new arrival, or to decorate your nursery ...?



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                              I would love to make YOUR event that extra bit special

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